Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hey guys I just thought I would tell you a bit about myself Well first of all my name is Lauren I'm 14 and im from Ireland. I love fashion and one of Favouriet things to do is sort through clothes finding new outfits to wear. I've loved fashion since a young age when I was about nine or ten I got i top model book I would spend hours drawing outfits on the models even though they weren't very good I was still hooked. I hope when I'm older to do a fashion course and ends course at college and hope to become a fashion writer.i Also love art and music and hope to teach guiter lessons as an extra little job when I'm older. I've also been quite shy amd would be to nervous to start a YouTube channel I, really afraid of what people would say. With a blog they won't know it's me. This I why I've always wanted to start a blog no one knows its you unless you tell them.anyway I hope you all like and enjoy my blog. Lauren xx

Monday, 5 January 2015

Welcome to my blog

Hey everyone and welcome to blog. I hope you all enjoy and read my weekly blogs. I will try as much as can to post on here but I am busy with school and exams so I hope you do understand.